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NOTE BEFORE YOU READ: None of this is my work. All credit goes to [link]
Types of shifting: Astral, Aura, Dream, Totemic, Mental, Shadow, Cameo, Berserkr, Bi-Location, Phantom, Physical, Sense and PE

Astral Shifting:
The process where one leaves their body and becomes that of another form, either by shifting into the appearance of the spirit, or entering the body of another being on the 'astral plane'. This can take a lot of work to achieve. Astral shifters who shift can sometimes be seen as ghostly images.

Aura shifting:
All living things have an aura, a kind of energy field that surrounds us and is generated by our 'life energy'. An aura shift occurs when someone believes or feels this energy field has changed shape to that of their were animal. Most people outside are able to sense an aura shift when it occurs, feeling some sort of dread or fear for the shifter.

Dream shifting:
Dream shifting is supposed to occur on a plain of existence known as the Dream plain, a plain of shifting landscapes, spirits and fantastic creatures.Lucid dreaming is a state that occurs while an individual is awake. Yet the perceptions of the individual are slightly a skewer from the real world.  It is akin to looking into a window, into another place.  As with regular lucid dreams, Lucid Dream Shifting experiences are just as vivid, sensual, and very realistic, the closest thing you can get to a Physical Shift. The change is usually voluntary as the were knows he is awaken and shapeshift by true will and desire.Dream shifting occurs while the were is asleep, and the majority of weres remember these shifts as dreams. Dream shifting usually occur during what is known as REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement), period during sleep, when the subconscious remember the events of the day. This kind of shift can be involuntary but it is also possible to learn to induce them using meditation.

Totemic shifting:
Totemic shifting is the process of shifting into an animal spirit through the use of meditation and Magick. Totemic shifters are often shamans, or are involved in the form of mysticism that involves contact with animal spirits and possessed psychic powers. They call to the animal and invite them in, taking on the animal's senses and form, and all of it's abilities.

Mental shifting:
A mental shift or m-shift is an altered state of consciousness, commonly experienced by weres, wherein they take on a more animal outlook, feelings, or perceptions. M-shifts denote a change in one's mental state, not a physical, bodily change into a were-creature or animal. This usually results in more powerful senses and as stated, being more instinctual. Either way, those in the mindset of their animal will often

Shadow shifting:
Shadow shifting is an illusionary change, a sort of mass hallucination where the subject appear to be something else. The person's attitude, posturing, even making animal sounds, can give off the image of a physical change.This type of shift can even yield a sort of blur image of an animal (the shadow) when there is little available light.

Cameo shifting:
Cameo shifting is taking on the appearance of the animal form. Yet according to a few accounts, the animal's abilities are not transferred in the shifted state. Instead, it is the appearance of the animal only. Cameo is also known as Skin Stealing, and Skin Shifting. The desired state is accomplished through magickal rituals an the skin of the animal that the individual wishes to become.
Of course, an animal must be killed and skinned, to provide for the animal skin used in the ritual. The majority of weres care about the environment and the animals that live within it.  Therefore they find this particular act highly offensive and wasteful.

Berserkr shifting:
Berserkr shifting refers to the ancient Norse warriors that were used to fighting naked with fury and inspiration from the bear or wolf spirit. People who shift berserk are those who run into altered states of consciousness or trances for the purpose of fighting and killing, mainly warriors and assassins.

Bi-location and re-location:
Bi-Location is a stranger and more acute version of astral shifting, where the shifter in question projects the shifted astral version of him/herself across some distance. Bi-location shifting is also marked as unique by the fact that it takes place within the physical plane, and also that it can be witnessed by other people (that is, those who see the astral animal).
Re-Location: The human body changes shape into the animal type, but appears in a different location.

Phantom shifting:
Phantom shifting is one of the most frustrating forms of shifting. As a phantom arm or leg can be felt on the limbs of amputees, an animal's fur, scales, muzzle, or suchlike can be felt on a shifter, even though the body part is not there.

Physical shifting:
What you see in the movies, and read about in folklore and legends. This type of shifting is highly unlikely. Due to genetic and size restrictions, it is impossible for a human to completely change its DNA. When people make claims of physical shifting, it often turns out that they merely desire attention, or are attempting to mislead others. For that reason most members of the community take claims of P-Shifting with great skepticism.There are many people who wish they could P-shift, and some who actively experiment with various meditations, rituals, and ideas, but to date, the goal seems to have proved imposible.

Sense shifting:
Sense Shifting involves the senses of the human body, changing to the senses of the animal type. The senses, usually hearing and the sense of smell become heightened above what would seem a normal human level . Sense shifting can also be displayed in a way that related is related to bi-location. A were can smell odors, and hear other sounds, from very far away, through a bond with another. Normally a close friend or relative, temporarily sharing the other's senses at the time.  Unlike the types of shifts (being separate) noted above, this type of shift can give you attributes of any animal/spirit guide (not necessarily that of the wereside, or your personal spirit guide). These 'attributes' can be in the form of a physical (for example: "strength"), aural ("senses") or mental ("cognitive abilities").

PE shifting:
PE-Shift covers certain physiological side effects that may seem unusual, or alarming, but which are not supernatural or a sign that a physical shift is occuring.  It is well known that a mental or emotional state can produce a measurable physiological effect. The mechanisms of such effect are generally well understood in most cases. Examples would include an erection and/or increased heart rate following sexual excitement, temporary muscle paralysis due to extreme fear, and increased localized blood flow causing facial erythema (reddening) due to embarrassment or anger.
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